mamma's FOOD TO-GO

From Mamma's Kitchen... To Yours! 

We offer some of Mamma's most well-loved dishes for pick-up at amazing prices.

Come in and grab a meal to enjoy at home!

food to-go menu

Mamma's famous Green Chili & Garlic Hummus. 

Made from scratch. 

Why buy hummus anywhere else? :) 

Only $5/container

Mamma's delicious Chicken Curry & Rice: $10

Lamb Curry & Rice: $15

Vegetarian's Delight + Rice: $10 

 Soup of the Day: $5

Salad: $5 

Papa's Famous Rice Pudding: $5 

Convenient. Healthy. Wholesome. Delicious. 

Made with Care. Seasoned with Love. Stop by and take home Mamma's home-cooking!