about us

We offer an extra-special and unique dining experience. Mamma makes everything daily from scratch, using the finest all-natural ingredients (nothing artificial, ever!) Papa makes scrumptious decadent desserts, all by hand. Mamma’s recipes originate from her South African roots, passed down from generations of beloved mothers and grandmothers. We are a fully family owned-and-run restaurant. Mamma is our one and only Chef! When you walk through our doors, we want you to feel like family. 

Our motto is: “Your family is our family.” 

In our family, we equate FOOD WITH LOVE. It’s the way we show our love. It’s the way we come together to bond, share stories, and laugh together. There is no greater way to show love for your self, and for others, than enjoying high-quality home-cooked cuisine, made with tender loving care. 

We promise--You will Feel The Love in every delicious bite!


For many years prior to Narayanni’s, we served up coffee, desserts, and simple meals as the Owners/Proprietors of a Whyte Ave hot-spot: BLOCK 1912. We noticed there was a demand from our customers, to experience Mamma's cooking on a greater level! So 10 years ago, we passed the torch of Block 1912 to new owners, and we opened a full-service restaurant. 

NARAYANNI’S is the name of Mamma and Papa’s beloved granddaughter… appropriately meaning "ABUNDANCE."

Abundance is what you will find here! An abundance of food. An abundance of love. An abundance of nourishment. And an abundance of flavour packed into each and every dish.  Come experience it. 

our family


'Mamma’ Selva Naidoo: Our only Chef!

Mamma grew up in a tight-knit family in South Africa, where LOVE was shown through food! Mamma inherited the gift for cooking, from a long line of mothers and grandmothers. She uses recipes that have been passed on for generations, tried and tested through the decades. Mamma is our one and only Chef--she is not able to be duplicated! Mamma shows up each and every day, to prepare a fresh feast of delicious dishes, making everything from scratch. She is well-loved for her cooking magic, and her ability to delicately season each dish with the perfect constellation of spices. Mamma is a perfect nurturer, spilling forth an abundance of comfort food that will delight your senses and make you smile.


'papa’ Daya Naidoo: The Dessert Magician!

 You will be sure to see Papa’s warm smile at the restaurant, visiting the tables, making sure our guests feel at home. He has a natural gift for being friendly and welcoming. He is also our Dessert Magician! He crafts every dessert by hand… rolling out the dough… hand-squeezing the lemons in the lemon tarts! From Bumbleberry Bread Pudding to Tiramisu to home-made custard, Papa carefully selects each ingredient, using only the finest, such as decadent chocolate straight from Belgium! Our weekly Buffet always features Papa’s infamous cinnamon-stick infused Rice Pudding--so warm and nurturing. While our weekend Buffets features Papa’s tremendous platter of decadent desserts… PURE BLISS!    


'Daughter' Youmashni Naidoo: Restaurant Host/Server & Manager


Youmashni greets each guest with a warm radiant smile. She runs both the front house, and takes care of all the back-end operations. Youmashni is who you will speak to about booking events and making catering arrangements. She is always thinking of bright new ways to better serve our customers, and expand our services. Youmashni is also a professional Life Coach, so you may end up leaving with some sprinkles of wisdom, and an inspired life perspective. Mamma, Papa, and Youmashni form a very special trio that create a magical dining experience for our restaurant guests

What makes us extra-special

* Everything is cooked fresh daily, moments before serving. Home-cooked with the finest ingredients. Made from scratch. Seasoned with Love.


* Mamma is our one and only Chef, using tried and tested recipes passed down from generations.

* We use the finest all-natural ingredients—nothing artificial, EVER! We use local & organic as much as possible. 

* We feature AN ABUNDANCE of Vegan and Gluten-free dishes each day. In fact, we are 95% gluten-free! We love our Vegan/GF guests!

* Every Tuesday is our Vegan Night… delicious home-cooked Feast at an unbelievable price of $15! 

* Every Wednesday is WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY, offering a 4-Course Buffet for $15! (What a deal!) Plus half-priced Wines, and discounted house-made Chai. 

* Our meats are free-range, and hormone/antibiotic-free. 

* Our house-made CHAI is absolutely DELICIOUS! Frothy and perfectly spiced with fresh ground ginger & nutmeg,  with tasty milk substitutes available. 

* We also offer coffees and cappuccinos using the finest fair-trade coffee & espresso. (As former owners of Block 1912, we have high-level coffee expertise!)

* We are fully family owned-and-run, and value a warm and welcoming family ambience. We believe FOOD = LOVE. Your Family Is Our Family!